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welcome to start a flame! we're a real life, shipper application site that opened in may, 2014! the site is set in the beautiful Cape Cod, ma. it's the home of the lobsters, the cranberries, and the Naukabout Music Festival! With a population of about 220, 000, Cape Cod is a close-knit, family-oriented community But it's not always rainbows and butterflies in this small maritime cape! when you join, remember to register first and last name, all in caps! and most of all, e careful out there, the smallest of sparks can start a flame...
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 announcement 007
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announcement #7
hello all! let's just get right into it, shall we? we've noticed a growing trend on saf. there seems to be a lot of people making male characters just so that they can make a female character in keeping with our 1:1 ratio rule. you all know why we have that rule so we won't get into it. what we will get into is what we, as your admins, have discussed in how to deal with it. the 1:1 ratio rule, while it does keep ratios even, isn't really effective when many of the males that get made end up unused. we could crack down and make people use these characters but when it comes down to it, we recognize we're all just here to have fun and rp'ing should never feel like a chore. however, as admins, we also need to protect the board in a sense and make sure it stays fun for people. for that reason, we've decided to change our our ratio rule from 1:1 to 2:1. this means that for every two females you make, you must make at least one male. For example, if you start off with two females, the third has to be a male and so on and so forth. You can still make as many males as you'd like, however.

by implementing this rule, we are hoping to increase activity on the site and reduce the amount of stress for those of us who might have too much on our plate. Real life gets in the way of things sometimes, and we totally get that. That's why we don't want you to feel overloaded by characters you don't truthfully wish to have, because this is supposed to be a fun, stress free environment. Not to mention, maintaining activity is very important to us, and we want to see each and every one of your creations being used fairly - not just as placeholders for a female face. With that being said, getting rid of the ratio entirely would upset things too much and we want to keep it somewhat balanced around here, but we also want you guys to be able to create and invest in characters that you genuinely have a desire for.

since we are implementing this new rule now, we will certainly allow you to delete any characters you feel as though you're not 100% invested in. as long as you stay within the 2:1 ratio, we don't mind. just remember to be kind to your roleplay partner and considerate of the plots that you're in, and discuss things over with them first. this doesn't mean that if you delete x amount of males you're allowed to proceed with making two more females in their place. we would like to remind everyone that our character limit is currently set at six. that's not to say that you aren't allowed to make more, but you must speak with an admin first and we will determine whether or not we will allow you to have a 7th, etc.

if there are any questions or concerns regarding this new rule, please feel free to speak to an admin.

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