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 grace e. dennis, 26, photographer, julianne hough
 Posted: May 18 2017, 12:46 PM
26 years old
gym owner
played by luella
48 posts gmt she/her aim/discord

grace dennis
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    full name grace evelyn dennis nickname gracie age 26 date of birth july 27, 1990 birthplace chicago, illinois nationality american
    parents MICHAEL DENNIS
    sarah whitacre-dennis (deceased)
    siblings name dennis (24)
    nathan dennis (npc)
    relationship status single significant other nobody children none other family n/a
    pets widge - black cat
    education high school. personal training qualification. yoga instructor qualification. occupation personal trainer & yoga teacher workplace move it gym (owner)
    astrological sign leo mood happy religious affiliation atheist positive traits outgoing
    hard working
    negative traits workaholic
    inability to sit still
    easily attached
    face claim julianne hough

  • she doesn't remember anything before she was nine. grace only knows that they were happy then, knows that she had moments of jealousy when two younger sisters came along and she was the oldest of the bunch. she vaguely remembers her mother, only able to picture her because of photos her father saved for her and especially for her younger sisters who remember even less than her. when her mom died, grace only remembers feeling angry. so angry that her favourite human had been taken away from her. for weeks there was anger, and now she wonders how her father dealt with three little girls who reacted in such different ways. to this day grace feels the grief that comes with losing a parent so young, but often feels the guilt when she can't remember her or doesn't think about her for a couple of days.

    following her mom's death it took a good year for grace to recover from the shock and the grief, but life continued and everyone found a new way of coping without their mother. she knew it was hard for her dad and so as the eldest took it upon herself to help as much as she could. there isn't much of an age gap between her and her sisters, but nonetheless she tried to help them with things that their dad didn't quite understand.

    all three girls attended a private grade school in chicago, but grace was never overly academic. she knew that her father was somewhat disappointed, but she made up for it in sporting events and in dance. she excelled in anything athletic or involving movement. throughout school she ran track and constantly won in their state, earning gold medal after gold medal. so although her grades weren't particularly great, she made up for it in other areas.

    when grace was 18, her dad announced that they'd be moving to cape cod, where he grew up. they'd visited a handful of times over the years but not often. it took her by surprise, but as she had just graduated high school, it wasn't as much of an upheaval for grace as it was for her sisters. although she moved with them and lived in cape cod for a couple of months, working as a waitress in a small cafe, she had to decide what she wanted to do next. her running ability was enough to get her a scholarship, but she knew that she couldn't get through four years of college without it being a waste of time and a waste of a scholarship that somebody else deserved.

    she knew she'd always been quite bossy and could teach people a thing or two, so as she got into fitness, she decided to train to become a personal trainer. to do this, grace saved up some money and moved to boston, where her focus became her course and training to the best of her ability. her fitness level became through the roof as she trained and started to do yoga, and after six weeks of an intensive course, she became a qualified personal trainer at just 19. immediately she got a job at a gym as a personal trainer, slowly adding more and more clients until she was training people almost seven days a week. as tough and as demanding as it was, she loved it. with the money she earned she became a yoga instructor, and from then on saved every penny as she decided she wanted to open up her very own gym.

    at 24, grace moved back to cape cod and with some help from her father, bought a building and turned it into her very own gym complete with a hot yoga studio. it took over a year but finally move it gym opened its doors and she was officially the owner of a gym. although grace is in charge and has a lot to do business wise, she continues to have a steady flow of clients and teaches as many yoga classes as she can. it's a demanding job but one she loves, showing off her life on instagram. she's gained a couple of thousand followers, hoping to motivate them to improve their health and fitness and live a healthy lifestyle.

  • friends i think there will be a lot of these. although grace is quite a workaholic and a fitness freak, she is also quite the party animal. she classes alcohol as her cheat meal and still parties almost every single weekend and goes wild. socialising is what she loves to do and she's so outgoing that she will make friends with just about anyone. she's a great friend to have on the weekend, but maybe not so much during the week when her job consumes her. she's always willing to help out a friend though and probably encourages everyone to be nice and zen and active.

    enemies grace can be quite loud and annoying at times, perhaps too much for some people so perhaps some will be annoyed by her. i don't know who she'd dislike because she generally likes everyone but even the most tolerant of people have someone who rubs them the wrong way. ideas here are welcome!

    lovers grace is bisexual and a commitment phobe, but she loves also loves dating. she's a serial dater who probably graces tinder a lot and has a lot of one night stands (sorry daddy). it would be nice if she met someone who she could consider dating properly, but right now she's having fun sleeping around and going on dates just so she can buy cute people drinks. friends with benefits are probably her thing too.

    others here could possibly be any of her clients/people who work at her gym? she would need a receptionist and other personal trainers to help out. it's only a small place though so there might not be too many of these.

  • played by luella
    22 gmt pm for discord/aim
    aspiring irish nurse

 Posted: May 19 2017, 08:16 PM
22 years old
played by jaime
1924 posts eastern she/her aim: francosteinz

faye & grace
i cannot possibly stress how much nora loves her sister, and how much she absolutely idolizes her. grace is everything that she wishes to be and then some - beautiful, work orientated, sociable, etc. nora is shy and very mousy in nature and is pm the exact opposite of grace. she's easily influenced, so her friends have been convincing her to go out and do things more and more. one of her friends (who is v mean to her lolol) is really pushing her to lose her virginity and that is a thing that she is going to do soon and probably regret a lot, so she needs some guidance from her big sister!! she is totally and completely clueless when it comes to basically anything, and she's crippled by her own fear and anxiety to the point where she dropped out of college on the first day and doesn't even have a job bc she quits at everything she does. i'm babbling since you probably read nora's shipper, but yeah, she loves her sister <333 GRACE DENNIS
 Posted: May 20 2017, 02:09 PM
48 years old
sports journalist / ex pats qb
played by mandy
351 posts gmt she/her pm for discord/aim

michael & grace
loool let's not mention tinder or one night stands to dear ol' daddy, thanks. Basically, Michael loves his babies and will protect them for the rest of their lives. Like, he doesn't care that they're getting older because he will always be there for them. When her mother died, he would've understood her anger but he'd have tried to direct her from anger, simply because he didn't want them to hate their mother. He appreciates Grace and how much she tried to help him. Yeah, he just loves her and is proud of his baby.

 Posted: May 21 2017, 03:24 PM
27 years old
played by taza
117 posts central she/her aim/steam

logan & grace
i could totally see these two being friends. logan has been here since junior year of high school and remained in town ever since so they could even go way back to when grace originally moved to town. lo is just a hyperactive little gremlin. she just gave birth to her second child like 4 weeks ago (she gave birth to her first when she was 21) so she's going to need someone to get her back into shape soon. basically she'd be the responsible friend in grace's life who always has snacks in her purse when she does indeed get to go out with friends and let loose GRACE DENNIS

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