welcome to start a flame! we're a real life, shipper application site that opened in may, 2014! the site is set in the beautiful Cape Cod, ma. it's the home of the lobsters, the cranberries, and the Naukabout Music Festival! With a population of about 220, 000, Cape Cod is a close-knit, family-oriented community But it's not always rainbows and butterflies in this small maritime cape! when you join, remember to register first and last name, all in caps! and most of all, be careful out there, the smallest of sparks can start a flame...
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( POSTED ON: Apr 23 2014, 01:56 PM )
where is cape cod actually located?

cape cod is a small cape located in the eastern portion of the state of massachusetts. to put it into perspective, here are some driving distances around massachusetts:

    - cape cod is about 50 minutes away from new bedford.
    - cape cod is about 1 hour away from boston.
    - cape cod is about 1 hour and 20 mins away from cambridge.
    - cape cod is about 1 hour & 45 mins away from worcester and lowell.
    - cape cod is about 2 hours & 30 mins away from springfield.

what's the weather like in cape cod?

typically moderate, but has seen it's fair share of blizzards and hurricanes! because cape cod is surrounded by the ocean, the spring season is typically delayed and the cold, snowy winter ends up lasting a little bit longer. to put it simply, cape cod sees all four seasons - spring, summer, fall, and winter. so be prepared!

what's the population of cape cod?

currently, cape cod stands at a population of roughly 220, 000 people. with it's bevy of beaches, however, it is definitely a tourist hotspot. along with the beaches, it's also popular for outdoor activities such as walking, biking, boating, and kayaking!

what are the local hotspots in cape cod?

the most common hangout place here in cape cod is tric - a local bar that specializes in running weekly karaoke nights and even features local bands from time to time!

what's the avatar size?

the avatar size is 250x400px, if you can't crop and/or edit one that fits the size, check out our graphics forum or ask in the cbox and someone will help you asap! :)

what's the average age of characters on this site?

the average age of characters on this site is 25-26. we strongly discourage the creation of characters under the age of 20, as realistic and reasonable plotting will be hard to come by given the significant age gaps.

what size is the gif for the mini profile?

the size is 125x125px, however the gif is automatically re-sized to fit those measurements regardless of the original size.

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