welcome to start a flame! we're a real life, shipper application site that opened in may, 2014! the site is set in the beautiful Cape Cod, ma. it's the home of the lobsters, the cranberries, and the Naukabout Music Festival! With a population of about 220, 000, Cape Cod is a close-knit, family-oriented community But it's not always rainbows and butterflies in this small maritime cape! when you join, remember to register first and last name, all in caps! and most of all, be careful out there, the smallest of sparks can start a flame...
5/14 latest announcement

5/1 happy fourth birthday saf!!

3/06 announcement 14

2/09 new announcement!

1/26 activity check!

1/23 blind auction date event

12/04/17 new announcement!

11/02/17 new skin and announcement!

9/12/17 new skin and announcement!

05/01/17 happy 3 years, saf!

01/20/17 check out the new rule regarding ratios here.

12/25/16 happy holidays and a happy new year!

05/01/16 our plotting contest is now over, to see the winners go here

05/01/16 happy 2nd b-day, saf! read the new update here!

04/06/16 just a small update!

02/10/16 news regarding images hosted by imgur here.

01/01/16 happy new year!

12/09/15 check out the secret santa bonanza!

10/19/15 new layout and update!

oct. 14, 2015 the new fall event that is packed with fun activities to dive into!

07/24/15 new layout + new features! read the update! don't forget to update your profiles!

05/01/15 happy birthday, saf! today we celebrate our one year online! thank you so much for an amazing 12 months and let's make it many, many more!

01/31/15 new skin!

01/01/15 happy new year, start a flame!

11/30/14 it's 25 days 'til christmas and santa has arrived early to start our secret santa event. don’t forget to sign up!

11/29/14 happy 6 months!

09/21/14 new skin and a new shipper app! read the update for more info about the new apps!

05/01/14 grand opening!

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( POSTED ON: Apr 23 2014, 01:57 PM )
character mod
if you have been sorted inactive following 5 consecutive days of inactivity and would like to be sorted back into your member group, please post in this thread. you will need to provide a link to one active thread that you have made 5 recent posts in (it can be a communication thread and the reply has to be made within the last 5 days) and your shipper/application. after being sorted back, please remember to re-claim your playby in the face claim and post in the member directory. if you would like to have a character sorted inactive and/or deleted, please post the character's first and last name in this thread as well as links to all active threads your character has (rp threads and communication threads) as well as links to possible development threads, thread tracker, social media topics and of course, the application!

to make it easier for you - and the staff - use the code below! don't forget to state if you want to reactivate or drop a character and the staff will sort your character back into the right member group and resort all the topics you wish to sort back into their respective forums - alternatively, sort into the archives! please state which forum your rp threads should be sorted back into.

[dohtml] <center><div class="saf-site-topic-words"><div class="saf-site-topic-words2"> <b>character</b> character name <br><b>drop/keep</b> do you want to drop the char or reactivate? <br><b>active posts</b> provide links to 5 in character posts done within the last 5 days <br><b>face claim</b> play-by <br><b>member group</b> member group <br><b>shipper</b> <a href="link to shipper">shipper</a> <br><b>development</b> <a href="link to dev page">dev page</a> <br><b>request(s)</b> <a href="link to request">request</a> <br><b>threads</b> [list] (please link [u]all[/u] rp topics your character is involved in!)<p> <a href="link to shipper">thread</a> <br><a href="link">thread</a> <br><a href="link">thread</a> <br><a href="link">thread</a> <br><a href="link">thread</a> [/list] <b>social media</b> [list] (please link [u]all[/u] social media threads your character has)<p> <a href="link">social media</a> <br><a href="link">social media</a> <br><a href="link">social media</a> <br><a href="link">social media</a> <br><a href="link">social media</a> [/list] <b>other threads</b> [list] (please link [u]all[/u] other threads not covered by the other categories here!)<p> <a href="link">topic</a> <br><a href="link">topic</a> <br><a href="link">topic</a> [/list] </div></div></center>[/dohtml]
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( POSTED ON: Yesterday at 02:22 pm )
character alexander siddall
drop/keep reactivate
active postshttp://startaflame.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=15598&st=0&#entry600889
face claim kit harington
member group visitor
shipper http://startaflame.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=14263
development dev page
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    (please link all other threads not covered by the other categories here!)


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