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 about tinder
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( POSTED ON: May 8 2016, 10:29 AM )

on start a flame

what is tinder?

tinder is a dating app with the tagline "meet interesting people nearby". it makes things simple by allowing people to see someone's picture and a short bio, then swipe their finger "left" or "right" to show that they're interested or not interested. if someone is nearby, tinder will tell them how many miles away. if someone swipes left, tinder will make that person's profile disappear and show the next one. if someone swipes right, tinder will mark that profile as liked. if the other person also swiped right on your profile whenever they came across it on tinder, something will come up saying 'it's a match" and you'll have the option to send a message to that person.

how does it work on saf?

well, since saf is run on a forum, we obviously don't have the capability to build you guys a cool app to run off the site. we can, however, do our best to try and replicate a tinder experience for your characters in a forum. you'll see that's what we've done here. if you'd like your character to have a tinder on the site, just follow the instructions you were here. if you have any questions, pm a staff member and they'll help you get started!

how do i set up a profile for my character?

we've made a code for everyone to use. make sure you use this one, so that everything is uniform. add your character's name, the picture you want to be their profile picture, and then write a short bio to tell people at a glance, whatever your character would want online bypassers to know. it can be serious, silly, seductive, clever, whatever they want it to be!

profile code

how does the "swipe left", "swipe right" thing work?

after you've set up a profile for your character, you can go and look at other characters' profiles. if your character is gay or bisexual, they will have put in their tinder app settings that they prefer to see just men, just women, or both. so, you can have them hit up others' profiles according to their sexual preference. just keep in mind that tinder won't ever show a male profile to someone who indicated they were interested in the other gender, so a match won't ever occur if your sexual preference doesn't match someone else's. you can see a character's sexual preference on their start a flame user profile.

to "swipe left" or dislike someone, post this code in the characters' profile:

the swipe code

to "swipe right" or like someone, post this code in the characters' profile:

the "like" code

if a character already posted a "swipe right" or like in your characters' profile and your character would swipe right to them, then you would post the match code in their profile to let them know a match has occurred, instead of just posting another swipe right/like code. the code for the "it's a match" is here:

the "it's a match" code

how does messaging work?
when your character "swipes right" to like someone and that person swipes right back, that's when the "it's a match" comes up and the option to send that person a message occurs. you cannot message someone you don't have a match with. if you did get a match, your character has the option of sending that character a message. to do that, head over to the tinder messaging forum and start a topic using this tinder chat code:

if you want to start a message chat

since the tinder app lets anyone who is a match for someone message them, you do not need to ask permission to start a message thread for your character and someone else's. if your character wants to message another character, simply start the message thread in the tinder message forum and make sure you tag the other character by making the first line of your post the following:


then, press the enter key on your keyboard twice and paste the code for the message. you only need to tag the other character in the very first post. that will send them a notification so that they know it's there.

so if you got tagged and want to reply to the message your character got on tinder, please use the following code:

if you want to reply to a topic you were tagged in

disclaimer: just like in the real tinder app, a person isn't obligated to reply to every message they're sent. if your character sends a message and the receiving character would be turned off by it, their player can make the decision not to have them reply and the topic will get moved to the archives just like any other topic on the board that hasn't been replied to for a set period of time.

and remember no obscene pictures or pictured nudity, be classy people.

and that's about it! this is meant to be fun for members and to encourage plotting between characters who might not otherwise be able to meet. it's a way for your character to make new connections, have new experiences, and get themselves out there. so, have fun and don't break too many hearts!!

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